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Paint Protection Film Services


Gloss Paint Protection Film

Ultra glossy, hydrophobic, self healing
and puncture resistant Clear Film.


Satin Matte Paint Protection Film

Designed to Protect Matte/Satin Factory finish or Convert your gloss Paint to a modern Matte/Satin look.

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Motorbike Paint Protection Packages

Fairing front and edges, Tank pad and side, Headlight, Fender tip and Fender sides, Rear seat sides and Panniers.

Paint Protection Film

Stone Chip and Scratch Paint Protection

No matter how good a paint job is, there is no coat of paint more valuable than factory paint. Protecting your original paint is the single most effective thing you can do to safeguard your investment and keep it looking new, longer. Paint protection film (PPF), also known as clear bra, is the best way to protect your vehicle’s factory paint. Paint Protection Film or PPF was initially conceived and developed by the US Military as a way to protect Helicopter rotors and other sensitive parts from debris and other intrusions. The thick film was applied on leading edges and potential impact areas, designed to be hard wearing and easily replaced in an environment where aesthetics were far from a necessity. As with so many modern day applications what started as military technology eventually found its way in to the commercial sector and over several decades has slowly developed into the various products we have today protecting our cars. Here in Protect you’ll experience the PPF Difference, We are the pioneers and experts in New Zealand when it comes to paint protection film. With more than 30yrs of experience combined. By using our advanced installation techniques, you won’t even know the film is there. We call it the best protection you will NEVER see! Most importantly…This is our art and not a job… and the artist will always do a better job!


What makes us different?

All of our paint protection film kits are modified in house from film manufacturer’s patterns. Resulting in optimum protection in accordance to our stringent Protect standards. New car or No patterns available? No problem with us.  We can design paint protection film kits in house from scratch. Panels patterned at a time, then digitised and loaded into our CAD programme for the design work to be done. We’re proud to be the only NZ Company that can make patterns in-house.

For every car that will goes out our door it undergoes our three Quality Control stages, before the car receives the final exterior detail.


What are the benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF)?  



Our PPF protects your paintwork from chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, environmental factors such as bug splatter and protects the finish against defects from poor washing techniques.



Our PPF has a superior optical clarity and is very easy to maintain. When looked after correctly it gives a depth of shine like freshly detailed paint for many years.


Self Healing

Our PPF has a self healing layer. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches and swirls that don’t penetrate this layer disappear with the application of heat from hot tap water, the car’s engine or even just the sun.



If a panel needs replacing, you won’t be off the road for long. Most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours – unlike traditional paint repairs, which often take days or even weeks.


Time & Convenience

Should a panel require replacement it is a quick turnaround, most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours whereas paint repairs run into days even weeks.



Because our PPF is specifically designed to fit each panel it can be replaced individually meaning little or no need to strip the panels and no extra paint to blend the colour to adjacent panels.

Is PPF or a Ceramic Coating better?  

PPF and ceramic coatings both offer premium vehicle protection, but also bring to the table different protective properties. PPF has self healing capabilities making it the best choice when it comes to protection against rock chips, scratches and other damage caused by road debris and weather related elements.


Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, provide you with an intense gloss and hydrophobicity meaning that water spots, bug spatter, and grime repel right off. This makes vehicle maintenance simple and easy without ever compromising gloss & shine. Pair PPF with a ceramic coating, and you get the best paint protection fpossible for your vehicle. Together the two prevent oxidation and acid damage leaving you with the ultimate protective barrier, as well as an intense gloss and enhanced vehicle aesthetic.

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