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Dealership Style Ceramic
Protection Package

The Dealership Style Ceramic Coating is a service that replicates the process on how the dealerships apply ceramic coating to their cars. With this option and process we can bring down the cost of our ceramic coating to give your vehicle a more cost effective option to what you get from the dealership with a better coverage and more detailed application by our trained applicators. This package includes a long-lasting 9H Ceramic Coating to help your paintwork look new and protected for a longer period of time.

This option is only applicable for car's less than 3 weeks from the date of purchase from the dealership. 


Standard Package Includes:

  • Exterior decontamination

  • Multi Layer Ceramic Coating 

  • All Painted Surface 

  • All Plastic and Chrome Trims 

  • All Glass Surface 

  • Includes a care and maintenance kit



BEEDS HD | 3 - 4 Year Option

BEEDS HD is the most versatile ceramic coating System on the market, a Hybrid structure of SiO2 and SiC. Has a high viscosity, providing a smooth surface and stunning scratch resistance due to the hardness of the coating to 9H.

BEEDS HD will provide an amazing water repellent effect and super shine of a newly washed car.

BEEDS HD System is a 2 layer Ceramic Coating
3 - 4 Years Warranty 

Car Size: S $550/ M $595 / L $695/ XL $750



We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.

BEEDS HD | 5 - 6 Year Option

Beeds Super HDX is the most advanced omposition for the protection of paintwork. The chemical formula of Beeds HD and ELX contains a very high percentage of advanced nanotechnology materials based on silicon (Si). ELX guarantees the highest hardness of the coating, fantastic water-repellent properties, deep gloss and excellent hardness of the coating with virtually zero solvent content. BEEDS ELX is the final ceramic coating over BEEDS HD. 

Beeds HDLX System makes your car paint work 200% more Hydrophobic, harder ceramic coating that makes it more scratch resistant than the BEEDS HD and a lot glossier to BEEDS HD.

BEEDS HDLX System is a 3 layer Ceramic Coating

5 - 6 Years Warranty

Car Size: S $650/ M $750/ L $850 XL $895


Gives insane candy like gloss

After the paint correction, the mirror shine of your car will remain for a long time. With Beeds the paintwork surface will have a amazing long lasting candy-like gloss. Get the just-detailed look every moment!

Beeds Ceramic coating enhances the saturation, color brightness and luster of the paint work


Resistance to chemicals and UV

Beeds ceramic coating system protects the car from exposures to chemicals and ultraviolet light: the paint does not fade, does not fade, the surface heats up less. Beeds products create the highest quality car surface protection against ultraviolet radiation, corrosion and other unpleasant external influences.


Stunning water repellent effect, anti-rain and anti-ice

200% HYDROPHOBIC, Water-repellent and dirt-repellent properties will help to significantly increase the service life of the coating itself, and as a result - your cleaning interval of you favorite car will be longer. Cleaning your car will be significantly quicker too and easier, as water will roll up not lingering on the surface of your car and taking dust and dirt with it.


Maximum resistance to light scratches

The integrity of the car's coating is the most important condition for the safety of the body and the excellent appearance of your car. Beeds Premium Ceramic Coating is designed to increase the body's scratch ressistant to 200% against light scratches. The quality of the coating allows you to enjoy the perfect shine of your car for a long time.

Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Protection 

BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment is a high performance coating solution that offers extreme hardness and can be applied to a various surfaces including paint clear coat, plastic, rubber and glass.


BEEDS gives exceptional ceramic-like properties and as such is extremely durable and robust, providing high chemical, UV and heat resistance. It not only increases hardness, it leaves a fantastic deep gloss with remarkable gains in surface thickness.

BEEDS is a complete treatment, instead of just a coating on top of the paint surface, it goes deep into the paint and crystallizes within the pores thus changing the molecular structure of the clear coat. This means the protection is long lasting and hydrophobic performance will last for years not months.

Once the application is fully cured, it forms a permanent bond within the paint. No chemical or solvent can remove it unless the paint surface is wet sanded or intensively polished with harsh rubbing compound.

The durability is very much dependent on the elements from the weather, which varies from countries to countries. With proper care and maintenance, the treatment should last 36 up to 72 months. 

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