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Matte / Satin Paint Protection Film

Matte/Satin Finish PPF. This is the only way to really enjoy a matte/satin finish vehicle. With matte and satin finish paints, once you put a scratch into a panel, its game over. The panel has to be repainted. Unlike gloss paint where you can polish out a scratch to make it new again, matte paint cannot be polished. This is the reason why having superior technology scratch-resistant, self-healing, stain-resistant and hydrophobic matte/satin finish PPF is so critical.


The other awesome aspect of Matte/Satin Finish PPF is that you can take any gloss vehicle and give it that modern satin look just by wrapping it. Unlike standard matte finish car wraps which offer little to no protection from road hazards, Our Matte/Satin Finish PPF gives you the looks and the protection in one single film.

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